28 Day Challenge: The Adventure Zone, Day 13: Favorite “The Stolen Century” Moment

Prequels are a bitch to do. It’s tricky balancing out pre-established canon and adding suspense to a story where you know the characters survive. But then Griffin upped the ante and changed from D&D rules, using a whole new game that was based off Powered by the Apocalypse, which honestly? I loved. It had its rough points (I wasn’t too big a fan of the “trip to the beach” episode), but it expanded on the in-game universe and weirdly even made me love Davenport*? The McElroys already kind of played it loose with traditional D&D, so going even further outside of those restrictions helped them tell the story of IPRE even more effectively. But before I go onto a rant about how much I adore PbtA games (and why!), let’s get to my favorite moment.

First things first, though, just listen to the song posted below.

The entire scene, backed by the song above, where everyone is slowly losing their memories was harder for me to listen to than all of “The Suffering Game,” which was tough. Remember where I said I loved Davenport? Listening to him waste away into, as Griffin put it, a “shell” was probably more painful than Taako forgetting his twin sister, Lup, which was just … ugh. Every character’s singular scene was beautifully acted by all the McElroys, but goddammit, Justin’s “Who?” was the most powerful of them all.

“Who?” was probably the most powerful of them all. God, this is such a good scene.

Runners Up: 1) When Barry and Lup show the world they are in love. God, I love that scene so fucking much. 2) When Merle asks John of The Hunger fame if they are friends.

Art Credit: Maximum Fun

* I didn’t hate him, per se, but he was just this goofy little gnome guy? I wasn’t too attached, really?

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