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I am proudly a gamer. I don’t talk about it much because … well, it’s kind of like why I stopped writing about comics. I just wanted to enjoy them. Having to keep up with the latest comics in order to stay relevant was so exhausting and expensive, and honestly, it got to the point where I didn’t want to read them anymore. The same goes with games: I’m not about to shell out $60 every month or so a new game comes out, whether or not it interests me, and I don’t have the clout to have video game companies send me advance copies to review.

But I’m breaking my rule because Mass Effect deserves every amount of praise it gets. It’s a stunning piece of visual art, paired with incredible storytelling and world building. It’s almost an interactive movie, to be honest. Bioware really outdid themselves with this series, which is why Mass Effect: Andromeda was such a disappointment – don’t worry if you don’t know what I’m talking about because I am going to get into that, as well. This game series basically spoiled all other games for me; no matter how good they are, they just don’t compare.

Enough rambling, though – check this shit out:


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