bubblegum crisis

There is just something magical about 1980s anime. The style, the colors, the music. I haven’t really kept up with anime since I graduated from college, but nothing that I’ve seen even comes close to the classics: Mobile Suit Gundam, Galaxy Express 999, Patlabor, Cleopatra, Dirty Pair, Akira, City Hunter … I should stop, shouldn’t I? Everything about it just seemed so different than the animation in the United States at the time. Clearly not made for children, anime was just another storytelling medium, and out of all of them, Bubblegum Crisis is my longstanding favorite of that decade.

BGC is one of the only series from that time period that I still watch regularly and own on DVD, and it even influences my writing now, a good fifteen years since I first saw it. It used to be on Hulu, but it apparently didn’t have enough viewers, so the only place I’ve been able to find a decent subtitled version is on Retro Crush. By the way, that’s a hint to go give it a look-see.

Art Credit: AnimePrintz