28 day bubblegum crisis challenge, day 27: in which I discuss what I’d like to see next …

Although I don’t consider myself anti-reboot, over the past several years, I’m over them. I want something new, something interesting, something daring. That being said, though, I would love to see a 21st century take on Bubblegum Crisis. The reboot is already over twenty years old (#cries) and wasn’t necessarily successful at translating the BGC world into the modern era. A lot of the themes that the original series examined are in our current Cold War Redux timeline, anyway – corporate greed, deregulation, ineffective policing, etc. – so it’s not like it would have to revamp everything. Make Priss a rapper, Linna a fitness blogger, Sylia an influencer, and Nene … well, Nene wouldn’t have to change at all, honestly, so long as we keep her more competent version from Crash and Tokyo 2040. The series could also be so much more inclusive like I feel it really wanted to be: give Priss an actual girlfriend who doesn’t die for the plot and, hell, make Daley trans. This is a world in which robots have taken over menial labor and go berserk for whatever reason, so there shouldn’t be any limits on the types of characters we could see.

I think this would be a great miniseries: there’s too much bulk for it to be a single movie but not enough for it to be a full-blown season, so maybe the original plan of 13 episodes would work. I really wish that TV would be headed in that direction, with a planned number of episodes with no risk of something wearing out its welcome, but unfortunately, as long as the money leads away from that, we’re going to be stuck with long-running cash cow series like Friends or Game of Thrones or whatever. But if we were to give them a reason to give shows like Bubblegum Crisis a chance, maybe then our world wouldn’t be nothing but Marvel and Star Wars.

Art Credit: FanPop

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