the adventure zone

When I first heard of podcasts, I was dismissive about them because, hey, they’re just radio dramas or headless voices telling me some shit I could just read or watch. I didn’t even get into Serial after it got all that publicity and literally all of my friends were talking about it (still haven’t listened and don’t feel bad about it, actually). But then I heard the first episode of The Adventure Zone

Maybe it was the combination of nerdiness and improv comedy that got me? Or perhaps the sheer joy you could feel as the family played a tabletop game together? Whatever it was, I couldn’t get enough. I listened to all the available episodes as quickly as I could – there were just under 60 at the time – and pretty much alienated everyone I knew until I was all caught up. And I found myself looking forward to Good Thursday*, something that I hadn’t felt since watching Orphan Black.  

I’ve branched out to other podcasts, including several other McElroy products (Sawbones is currently one of my faves), but The Adventure Zone remains my comfort listening. I tune in to every new episode and will probably until the end of time. And my goal with this challenge? To convince you all to do the same. 

Art Credit: Maximum Fun

* Usually, new episodes are released every other Thursday, depending on the McElroys’ various schedules.