About Jenn


also goes by Juju/Juj


lives in Nashville, tn, with her two cats, Mushroom & Ramses, spending most of her time trying to keep them from eating plastic wrap, and two dogs, Nelson and Tilly, mostly managing their constant play

inhabits the same house as her younger, more successful sister

dislikes audio books (unless narrated by Nick Offerman or Michelle Obama) & bacon (unless cooked by her dad)

writes mainly sci-fi and fantasy because literally everything turns into one of those, even attempts at romance

badly needs to move to a blue state

faves (subject to change): freedom of choice; I Don’t Know Her; sleep; weightlifting; the colors orange, magenta, yellow, & teal; mango slices; the taste of lavender chocolate chip cookies; Fallout: New Vegas; Selena Gomez; & House of the Dragon

follow on Tumblr (hodgepodge of everything?), Insta (artwork, photography, etc.), and FB (updates)

Venmo @JennTrela if you feel so inclined

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i'm a magical creator of words … apparently sound like a unicorn …

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