You’ll definitely see more of my photography over on Instagram, but here I’m keeping track of all of my favorites. I’m trying to get into the habit of doing this regularly, so please come back and check them out often! 🙂

somebody’s watchin me
fountain in a square
faithful hound
crabapple blossoms
can you see me?
riverside walk
don’t grow up it’s a trap
pineapple print portrait
ceiling cat thoughts
a study in red
savannah’s tree canopy
summertime snowballs
nature is art
mary wept in savannah georgia
little blue bells
acorn in fall
A primarily white cat with grey and black tabby stripes has his tail curled around his head as he rests. His eye is opened, as he was just disturbed by his evil human mom. A rainbow glare shines in from the window behind him.
please to not disturb
nature’s paintbrushes
there is new growth in the morning
little mushrooms on the treeside
munchy munch
a study in movie theatre tiles
midday dewdrops
country roads
atl in the pm 2010

i'm a magical creator of words … apparently sound like a unicorn …

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