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So did y’all know that working nights absolutely sucks? Because it does. I honestly thought I wouldn’t mind it – I mean, no management, slower pace, patients are sleeping, etc. – but now that I’ve been on the graveyard shift for a little over two months, I’m about to lose what little sanity I have. So naturally, what I do is start a rewatch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a coping mechanism, and I honestly forgot how great the music was on this show.

And that experience is your gain! Enjoy, my friends!

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For every day of last month, I decided to do another selfie challenge, partly because I was really down on how I looked and felt about myself and partly because I remember how fun last year’s selfie challenge was. Although I didn’t get as artsy-fartsy as I did in 2022, I had a lot of fun coming up with new, interesting ways to take a selfie. Hell, I may make this an annual thing!

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How. How is it already May.

I am legitimately dumbstruck as to how fast this year is moving. Like it seems both like yesterday and also a year ago that I broke up with Frat Boy Douche (that was back in January), and I feel like I just went to nights less than a week ago, and it’s been like more than a month. And Bonnaroo is what, forty-five days away??

So what I’m saying is, I want things to slow down. So I’m going for a more chill vibe this week, something that may manifest a bit of a pace change.


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I lost my keys on Wednesday and didn’t realize it until Saturday afternoon.

First of all, I didn’t need them since 1) I was in Savannah, 2) we took my sister’s car, and 3) I didn’t actually get into a car at all until Saturday. Second, I have a very good reason that they suddenly disappeared.

Walk with me, won’t you?

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I haven’t posted a lot about my current writing project – Jill & Abby – recently, mainly because it wasn’t really going anywhere. Work was taking over my life, what with its 12-hour shifts and constant learning, and nearly everything went on the back burner, but now that I think I’ve gotten a handle on my schedule? Well, Jilly & Abby is back on the front burner!

Once I get enough to post, I’m definitely going to start doing excerpts and some character sketches over on the dedicated page. The plan is also to do one of my challenges on the novel to give y’all a better, spoiler-free idea of what you can expect from the book.

I’m so excited to start this process again!

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Just yesterday, I got back from a lovely mini-vacation in Savannah, GA and seriously just want to go back. I just fit into that town so well that I keep wondering if I shouldn’t just bite the bullet and move down there. There’s only a few things keeping me in Nashville at the moment, so maybe on down the road? Who knows.

On Saturday, my last day in the area, the sister and I decided to head onto Jekyll Island, about an hour-ish drive south from Savannah, and it was yet another reason that I wish I lived down there: the beach is insanely close. There’s something magical about the southern Atlantic coast that just calls to me. Honestly, just beaches in general are pretty high on my favorite things list.

This week’s playlist is definitely inspired by my beachy experience, so grab yourself some rum and sit out on your back porch for some good tunes!

God, that makes me sound so damn old. Oh well.

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Next week, I’m going to Savannah with my sister for a little mini-vacation, and I couldn’t be more excited. I haven’t been since May 2021, just before I started my nursing school journey (how have I already been a nurse for six months??), so it’s about time that I return to one of my favorite cities in the U.S. Now I would be lying if I said that was my only motive for choosing Savannah, though; the person I’ve been dating for the last three weeks is there for a whole month for work, so it’s a pretty big bonus for me.

Beach weather and great company?? Sign me up.

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I know, I know, I’m still working on the damn LOTR challenge that I started a while ago, but this one is different. Last year, I did a month-long challenge where I took a selfie each day, and I’m doing it again this year, only this time, it starts today.

My self-esteem has been a little low lately; the weight I gained during nursing school isn’t going away as quickly as I want it to, and Karen the Kidney Stone isn’t making exercise any easier. Eating healthily has been more difficult for me, too, since starting work back in October because I’m tired a lot of the time and don’t really want to cook. It takes time to adjust to a new schedule, but I feel like it’s taking a little bit longer than I’d prefer.

So maybe just trying to see some beauty in who I am right now is the impetus I need to get back into that mode of treating myself well, which includes eating well, sleeping enough, and drinking enough water. You know, all those silly little things you have to do to feel halfway decent.

Like my last selfie challenge, I’ll be posting on Insta, so feel free to have a look-see over there. Now, I will be going to night shift after this following week, so I may be posting at weird times, but the goal is still the same: one selfie every 24 hours.

And here’s my first!