parks and recreation

Probably one of my favorite shows of all time, Parks and Recreation got me through a lot. It was, and still is, my feel-good show, a substitute for my old favorites that had lost their appeal as I matured (ahem Friends). Between the positive portrayals of female friendships and the nuanced character growth of nearly every single major cast member, it was that light in my life that made me laugh and actually have hope that better things would come for me. I felt connected to these characters in ways that I hadn’t since Buffy‘s Anya, and I legitimately cared about them. I cried when they married, cheered when they pursued and achieved their dreams, and 100% felt like they were my friends. I mean, sure, it’s a one-sided sort of thing, but it was definitely a testament to the talents of the writers that I got as invested as I did.

And I will tell you why:

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