28 day bubblegum crisis challenge, day 9: in which I have a favorite villain …

So I have an exam today in … oh, like five hours, and I have to do some last-minute studying, but! I’m going to actually try to stay on top of these, despite school being a clusterfuck at the moment. This is the last week of my Christianity 102 class, so naturally, we have a million things due on Saturday, in addition to the work I have to do for classes that actually have something to do with nursing. I may not write a lot, but I’m hoping I’ll at least be able to go a little deeper than, “This is my favorite villain, bye!”

That being said, I’ll start out strong!

That, my friends, is Brian J. Mason, a very anglo name for a Japanese character, but whatever. Anyway, he just oozes “I am a villain, aren’t I?” energy, and honestly, despite the incredibly complex villain, Largo, coming in later, Mason is always going to be my favorite. He’s the brilliant mind behind the majority of berserk boomers in the first several episodes of the show, and his death, despite it happening way too early, was pretty epic and bloody, delivered by my favorite Knight Saber, nonetheless.

We don’t know too much about him, except that he has a wee bit too much power at Genom and that he loves making ridiculously overpowered boomers that couldn’t possibly ever rebel despite the fact that The Terminator had existed as entertainment for nearly 50 years in this universe. He is the picture of hubris, blissfully living his amoral life and trying to gain as much power as humanly possible. One of the things that I appreciate about him is that he’s fairly reliable, always certain to have an ace up his sleeve and ready to betray literally anyone that might get in his way, and even though he was killed, his legacy continued afterward, well into Bubblegum Crash.

He’s actually a really big influence on my current WIP’s villain, who I’ll keep under wraps for the time being … especially since the project page is still under construction …

Anyway, that’s all for today. I gotta go take a test on obstetrics! Sigh. I’ll be so glad when this class is over.

Art Credit: FanPop, Villains Wiki

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