28 day bubblegum crisis challenge, day 21: in which something happened I wish didn’t …

I mentioned this before in an early post, but ugh, it still creeps me out because I think it was featured in almost every episode: Mackie’s lecherous obsession with his sister’s boobs. Or just catching her in her underwear. I’m an anime person, and I am aware of the Japanese obsession with panties (although it’s apparently because of the West, which is wholly unsurprising), but the incestuous nature of it just takes it to another level.

And it’s completely unnecessary! Sure, he could be embarrassed about seeing his sister in her underwear, but like … she owns a lingerie company and wears it constantly, so why would this be a surprising thing? And why does he only show an interest in seeing her boobs? I can’t recall a single time when he was like, “You know, I bet that Priss has nice tits, too! Maybe I’ll go ogle her!”

This series was progressive in a lot of ways, but here, it failed miserably.

Art Credit: FanPop

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