28 Day Challenge: The Adventure Zone, Day 12: Favorite “The Suffering Game” Moment

“The Suffering Game” was … rough to listen to. Griffin even apologized at one point for how much shit he was putting Magnus, Taako, and Merle through, and even though I didn’t read the Reddit, I’m fairly certain it was rife with complaints and frustrations. As a listener, I was, for lack of a better word, suffering through the tortures of Wonderland, but as a writer, I was giddy with Griffin’s moxie and willingness to push his brothers and father into having to make very difficult decisions. You really could see the effects of the previous arcs, where the boys care about each other as much as they care about their own stories. And nothing represents that better than my favorite moment.

Yep, another video! It’s a little crude (and not in like a sexual way), but it’s my favorite version I’ve been able to find.

First off, the scene is just made with Griffin’s soundtrack, and there is nothing anyone can say that can convince me otherwise. It just wouldn’t have the same punch without it. I’ll get to the music later on this month, and I’m already excited about it.

Second, though, I absolutely love how Merle and Taako were not about to let Magnus die, even though that is totally what Griffin was planning to do (I kind of would have liked to see Magnus in the astral plane, trying to get back to help his friends). Even just a few episodes before, Justin was saying that Taako wasn’t a good person, and yet, here he is, risking his life (and seemingly sacrificing his boyfriend’s) for his compatriot, and despite his residual irritation at Magnus hacking off his arm back during “Crystal Kingdom,” Merle uses what little magic he has left to wrangle them back into reality. It is just such a beautiful moment, and I could totally watch that video a hundred times. And honestly, I probably will now.

Runner Ups: 1) When Magnus puts the BoB’s prison guards into his pocket workshop so he can talk with Robbie aka Pringles. 2) When Magnus tells Edward, “I’ll be havin’ my body back, you undead fuck.” 3) When Magnus allows the lich twins to take his memory of the general who destroyed his home and killed his wife and mentor. 4) When Merle refuses to lose the memory of his children being born.

Art Credit: Maximum Fun

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