28 Day Challenge: The Adventure Zone, Day 11: Favorite “The Eleventh Hour” Moment

I tend to pick fairly humorous or lighthearted bits for my favorite moments. I mean, this is a comedy podcast, so they really do try to keep things amusing for the most part, especially in the beginning. But as the series progressed, some of the best moments were heartfelt, even incredibly deep moments that just made the comedy that much more special.

“The Eleventh Hour” has so many of those moments, seamlessly blending within the funny bits – an amazing blend of Griffin’s storytelling and the boys’ willingness to really act their characters – but the one that really stands out is in Chapter Eight.

I would start at 1:05:50 to get the whole lead-up to this, but the moment begins around 1:13:42. The Chalice, possessing the body of June, forces Magnus, Merle, and Taako to see Phandolin, the town from the first arc, as it burned with their own eyes, even catching a glimpse of Noelle prior to her death. Just hearing the McElroys’ actual reactions to what Griffin was describing just made me realize that they were feeling just as guilty as their characters were, and this is partially why “The Eleventh Hour” stands out to me. I already loved The Adventure Zone, but this 100% cemented it.

Runners Up: 1) When Taako tells Ren that he was watching her the entire time that Refuge was moving through time to catch up from all they’d lost with each loop. It actually makes me tear up. 2) When Merle tries to offer the sticky root beer barrels Cassidy had given him earlier, and Istus reluctantly accepts them. 3) When Cassidy can’t say Magnus’ name. 4) The Big Reveal at the end of the arc.

Art Credit: Maximum Fun

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