on rotation

Since my brain has been a wee bit bouncy lately, today’s theme is Whatever I Want. This is my blog – you’re just reading it.


I’m a big fan of all of the Fallout games’ soundtracks, and “The End of the World” by Skeeter Davis has been stuck in my head for almost an entire week.


I just cannot get enough of Sofi Tukker. They’ve been on almost every single “on rotation…” since I restarted doing it? Anyway, “Swing” is my current obsession and will be for the foreseeable future.

You should also check out all the remixes: Mahmut Orhan Remix, Vini Vici & WHITENO1SE Remix, Crush Club Remix


You know those people who need to be more famous because they’re just that talented? Well, Grace Potter is one of those people, and “Back to Me” (Ft. Lucius) is just such a fun retro hit that should be heard by the rest of the population so they can sing along with me.


A Perfect Circle is a staple in my normal musical rotation, but for some reason, this specific mix of “The Outsider” – Frosted Yogurt – is the one that connects with me, almost on a spiritual level? (I have a feeling MJK would either love or hate that statement. No in between.) It also helps that it does not seem to age topically.


I use the Aaptiv app for exercise and absolutely love it for a lot of reasons, but M83’s “Midnight City” keeps popping up on all of the playlists on the workouts I do. I’m not upset about it – the song is awesome – but it is a bit eerie.


In all honesty, the entire Firewatch soundtrack is such an artistically inspiring piece of art that I’m actually considering doing NaNoWriMo next month now that I’ve seen my school schedule, and it’s not too insane? But “Stay in Your Tower and Watch” for some reason really stuck with me.


I was lucky enough to see Robert Randolph and the Family Band live at Live on the Green last year, and you know how there are Wiki-spirals? Well, I have a RR&tFB-spirals on YouTube. Which this on rotation … has inspired. I only have myself to blame.


Regina Spektor is the most awkward performer I have ever witnessed, and I say that with as much admiration as possible. She was just so adorable and humble and shy, but as soon as she started performing, it all just melted away to perfection. I particularly remember “Samson” from the first album I heard by her (Begin to Hope – I didn’t discover Soviet Kitsch until much later), and it and “On the Radio.”


God, I love K’s Choice. Quintessential 90s music. “Not an Addict” has been a constant Top 10 songs of all time for me since I first heard it, and it makes me sad the band really isn’t doing anything anymore. Luckily Sarah Bettens seems to still be working, though?

Ooooh!! Check this live version out, though!!!


Alright, so my ex-husband is a complete shit, but he didn’t have terrible taste in music. “Lonely Planet” is my favorite song that The The ever put out, and I actually have a painting of the chorus somewhere in the box of stuff that I put up in my old cubicle at work. “If you can’t change the world, change yourself. And if you can’t change yourself, change your world.”

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