I’ve missed the past couple of weeks on these, and … well, I’ve been pretty lethargic for the most part. I’m not saying that me abstaining from making to-do lists is the reason – thanks, depression and anxiety! – but since I’m in this weird limbo of Before School (I start on 9/28/2020, if you’re wondering), I want to make sure that I’m not doing what I did on vacation.

Which was basically me being lazy, giving myself several spa days in a row, playing video games, and not thinking about work. Productivity was not my friend, although I guess it’s not so bad to be in Non-Work Mode. But this list is going to be a little shorter than the last two. I think I overwhelmed myself with tasks.

  • Complete one Domestika course (I purchased a watercolor class bundle to up my game a bit)
  • Call county clerk to see how to get the title to my car changed into my name
  • Work on the Jill & Abby script
  • Work on the outline/treatment for Fairplay (working title)
  • Come up with a schedule and create a calendar (this depends on school, honestly)

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