30 day challenge

National Novel Writing Month is coming up again, so you know what that means! Well, maybe you don’t? Basically, I’m going to be so deep into writing that keeping up regular posting will be all but impossible, so I have prepared a challenge for the thirty days I will be a giant heap of nervous writing energy. This year? Parks and Recreation. I completed this challenge a couple of years ago, but like I did with Buffy, I’m revamping it and adding a few things. Not much about my opinions has changed, but even just a few months can give me new perspectives. Whoda thunk?

But anyway, here’s what you have to look forward to in November!

  • Day 1: How I Was Introduced to Parks & Recreation
  • Day 2: Favorite Main Character
  • Day 3: Favorite Recurring Character
  • Day 4: Least Favorite Recurring Character
  • Day 5: Favorite Season
  • Day 6: Least Favorite Season
  • Day 7: Favorite Season One Episode
  • Day 8: Favorite Season Two Episode
  • Day 9: Favorite Season Three Episode
  • Day 10: Favorite Season Four Episode
  • Day 11: Favorite Season Five Episode
  • Day 12: Favorite Season Six Episode
  • Day 13: Favorite Season Seven Episode
  • Day 14: Favorite Episode
  • Day 15: Least Favorite Episode
  • Day 16: Favorite Romance
  • Day 17: Least Favorite Romance
  • Day 18: Something that Happened I Wish Didn’t
  • Day 19: Something that Didn’t Happen I Wish Did
  • Day 20: Parks & Recreation Relevance
  • Day 21: Favorite Andy Moment
  • Day 22: Favorite Ann Moment
  • Day 23: Favorite April Moment
  • Day 24: Favorite Chris Moment
  • Day 25 Favorite Donna Moment
  • Day 26: Favorite Garry Moment
  • Day 27: Favorite Leslie Moment
  • Day 28: Favorite Ron Moment
  • Day 29: Favorite Tom Moment
  • Day 30: How Parks & Recreation Inspires Me

Art Credit: Reppiced

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