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lotr challenge, day 22

Another one of my favorite days to do during my month-long challenges because I get to 1) take a break and 2) show off some amazing work that might otherwise not get seen. Naturally, there is a huge amount of fan art related to Lord of the Rings, so being able to find stuff that I liked was not difficult. It was the narrowing down that was, as expected, the hardest part. My brain casts a pretty wide net as to what art it finds intriguing, so I have quite a few different styles for today’s challenge:

On we go!!

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lotr challenge, day 6

I’m running a little bit slow today because I was dumb and stayed out until after 04:00 like I forgot I am an almost 40-year-old woman and not a college student. Hopefully I have learned my lesson, because my head is killing me. And I didn’t even drink! Oh, well.

But anyway, onto today’s challenge:

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lotr challenge, day 1

I think I have always been somewhat aware of The Lord of the Rings, partially because of my love of The Hobbit and partially because my dad reread it every couple of years, but it was always a little daunting: such a fucking big novel for such a, at the time, small person. And that was before I found out that I had only been looking at the first novel in the trilogy. I did try reading the saga, stealing The Fellowship of the Ring from my dad’s bookshelf and using a flashlight under my comforter, but I could barely get past the first chapter. It just wasn’t my cup of tea then – still isn’t – but the movies? I could get down with the movies, starting with the fun 70s animated ones.

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Y’all, I am officially starting the first completely new challenge for this site, and although I’m a bit intimidated by it, I’m excited to get into new(ish) things! The Lord of the Rings trilogy changed the landscape for movie adaptations, for better or for worse, much like the book series did on fantasy writing … well, writing, in general, to be completely honest. Although I can’t say that the trilogy was a life-changing experience – I have not been a fan of the books, for which I say sorry, I guess? and I definitely preferred Star Wars over the LOTR trilogy – it definitely inspired me when writing my own fantasy series, The Legion, to which I’m hoping to return once I finish my quickly multiplying side projects (Jill & Abby, Paradiso, Six Devil Creek, etc.).

Gah, I have so many things I want to do, and so little time …

Anyway, onto the challenge:

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30 day cowboy bebop challenge, supplemental post: in which I watched netflix’s cowboy bebop …

So … what did I think?

Y’all, I loved it. I even liked the whole eco-terrorists episode! And you guys know how I feel about Mrs. Murdock and her band of moron children. Spoilers ahead:

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30 day cowboy bebop challenge, day 30: in which cowboy bebop inspires me …

With each one of these challenges, it gets harder and harder to say what inspires me about whatever series/movie/comic book/podcast/etc. I have chosen for the month because … well, a lot of it is the same. I’m inspired by the character creation, the world building, the themes, the social commentary, the dialogue, what I don’t want to do … All of those apply to Cowboy Bebop naturally, and I maintain that it is still one of the best television series I have ever seen. And why? Because it’s all one planned story, from beginning to end.

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