29 day challenge: friends, day 16: in which I have a favorite season seven episode …

The cracks were beginning to show in Season Six, but they were definitely a major problem in Season Seven. The episodes weren’t necessarily bad yet, but they were just so mediocre that it’s hard to remember them specifically. I actually had to go back and rewatch the entire season to see which one was my favorite. And I kinda just settled on one, which is kinda sad, but I needed to complete this challenge, so here we go.

Phoebe: Alright, if you care enough to make up that load of crap, okay. / Ross: You’re making the bike very happy. / Phoebe: Okay, Ross. (after he leaves) Please don’t die!

Of course, my favorite part of “The One with All the Candy” is Phoebe and Ross’ storyline, where he buys her a bike, and the above picture is so perfectly Phoebe that it always makes me smile. But I actually like Monica’s plot, too – where she’s making Christmas candy for the whole building – and her exchange with Chandler is probably one of the best of the episode.

Chandler: Is that why you became a chef? So that people would like you?
Monica: You really wanna talk about getting people to like you, huh, funny man?

Rachel and Tag having to get her fake performance review was a little boring, although I thought that Eddie Cahill did a really good job, making me kind of wish he’d stayed on the show longer. I never thought their relationship would last, but so many recurring characters have not-so-great chemistry with the cast that it’s nice to see one who does seem to fit.

Yay, so that’s done now! Huzzah!

Art Credit: ThingLink, Pinterest (Vico)

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