31 Day Challenge: Battlestar Galactica, Day 27: Favorite Music

I may have called Bear McCreary a god among composers, and dammit, I stand by it. His work on BSG is nothing short of incredible, and if I could, I would just stream every single video on YouTube, even if there were repeats. But I’m not going to do that; instead, I’m going to post my favorites from each season, and no one loses in this situation.



Note: Okay, so these were written by Richard Gibbs, who is also brilliant and deserves all the credits. In the second song, however, you can totally hear Bear McCreary’s influence that continued after Gibbs left the project after the miniseries.

“The Sense of Six”
“To Kiss or Not to Kiss”

Season One

Note, Part II: To this day, it amazes me that Bear McCreary just did all of this by sitting in front of his computer. He got a much bigger budget as the series got more popular, but he did stellar work with what little resources he had.

“Two Boomers” from “Six Degrees of Separation”
“The Shape of Things to Come” from “Kobol’s Last Gleaming”

Season Two

“Something Dark Is Coming” from “Lay Down Your Burdens”
“Roslin and Adama” from “Resurrection Ship, Parts I and II”
“Pegasus” from “Pegasus”

Season Three

Note, Part III: I would have put “Storming New Caprica” from “Exodus” on here, but it’s already featured in one of my other posts.

“Mandala in the Clouds” from “Maelstrom”
“All Along the Watchtower’ from “Crossroads, Part II”

Season Four

“Kara Remembers” from “Someone to Watch Over Me”
“Diaspora Oratorio” from “Revelations”

Razor/The Plan

Note, Part IV: Although Bear McCreary did compose the music for these two, I didn’t feel like it really met the quality of BSG. But I do have some favorite tracks from these two miniseries.

“Kendra and the Hybrid” from “Razor”
“Apocalypse, Part I” from “The Plan”

Art Credit: Wikipedia

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