30 day cowboy bebop challenge, day 29: in which I discuss what I’d like to see next …

Honestly? I got what I wanted with the creation of a live-action version (of which I will be finishing up over the next couple of days), and although I don’t have a solid opinion of how they did as of yet, I haven’t had too many complaints so far.

But I think what I’d like to see next is a bit more … abstract? God, that sounds pretentious. But hear me out: I want entertainment to see why Cowboy Bebop was successful, both in Japan and in the States. It has broad appeal, but it doesn’t pander (at least, I don’t think it does); it’s diverse and in more than one way, but again, it doesn’t pander. It melds genres with its score, its animation, its voice cast, and it creates something new yet familiar.

This is what I want. I want more shows like Cowboy Bebop, but not in a pandering way. I want Hollywood to look for originals; I want praise for experimental methods of storytelling and not just with awards. I want all other areas of the world to get a chance to move outside their national borders. Like, I know there has to be Ethiopian television; I wanna see their shows! I want to see Native cultures of Northern and Southern America everywhere, telling their stories. I am sick and tired of seeing the same shit coming from the same people, so I’m truly hoping that the live-action show is as successful as humanly possible (no, I have not read any reviews but have heard mixed opinions). Because if it is, like how Shang-Chi was a box office success, maybe just maybe people will start to realize that there is so much value in telling diverse stories, possibly not even necessarily monetary value (although LOL, late-stage capitalism!).

Art Credit: PennLive

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