30 day cowboy bebop challenge, day 28: in which I discuss the movie …

Okay, so the movie is apparently not available on streaming, and even though there is a $300 Blu Ray on Amazon, as of today, I just refuse to spend money to purchase an actual DVD to be sent to me. Plus, I’m poor; even $15 is too much.

So I’m going off of a couple plot summaries and my own memory of the movie that came out twenty damn years ago. Be nice to me.

I remember really loving the movie but that I felt it was a bit bloated at times, essentially just one really long episode of Cowboy Bebop, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There was a lot of story that I feel dealt with the horrors of war almost as well as Howl’s Moving Castle: for example, Vincent is obviously not a good guy – he’s a terrorist, willing to allow millions to die for his revenge – but he’s much more understandable than Vicious ever was because his backstory was actually delved into. While you may not agree with his methods, you can at least empathize with the man; which just proves to me that the only thing that could have improved this series would have been if they’d done a bit more with Vicious, he would have been one of the best villains of all time.

I’m really hoping the movie comes out again or that it becomes available on streaming so I can refresh my memory; plus, from what I’ve heard, the live-action series incorporates quite a bit of the movie into it! So … that might be a perfect impetus for them to re-release it!

I might be more excited about that than I should be.

Art Credit: PennLive

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