I have no excuse. I barely accomplished anything from my to-do list last week. My sister was the one who found my Kindle (it was hiding in the cushions of one of the chairs in the living room), so I can’t even take credit for that. I mean, okay, I did post my art project on Instagram, and I thought about completing my tasks … I just … didn’t … do them? I dunno, last week was weird, and I blame Whole30.

Anyway, this is what I wanna get done this week:

  • Do something artsy (mermaid/Water spirit idea).
  • Possibly buy a weed trimmer.
  • Unfuck my bedroom.
  • Finish hanging up curtains.
  • Choose a rug for Sister Person.
  • Set up herb garden.
  • Take after pictures of deck.
  • Clean up patio area underneath the deck.

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