So I didn’t do the Friends challenge (obviously), and I’ve spent the last month or so working from home and adjusting to life in the time of corona. I’ve had the worst cough since February (seriously, it’s basically a permanent part of my life now, despite being on two inhalers and a prescription nasal spray), got ghosted by a guy I’ve known since middle school (see below), moved me and my cats twice, found I have a love of gardening, and my sister’s dog has adopted me.

It’s been … weird.

I will say this: I am very thankful that I’m in the position I’m in: I have a roof over my head, a job that allows me to work from home, and friends and family that seem to be handling this odd apocalyptic situation better than most. I haven’t even had to yell at one of them for sharing that ridiculous Plandemic video. #blessed And I haven’t even really had to adjust my life that much. I am most definitely an extrovert, but I have a lot of outlets and experience keeping myself entertained. I was never one to go out that much, even in college, although I will admit I miss being able to go grab a beer with a friend or head to an outdoor concert. This isn’t really helping my dating life that much, but hey, at least I dodged a bullet with the last guy I was seeing for a couple of months: he ended up being this “coronavirus is a hoax and I’m awake to so many things everyone else isn’t because I’m A Smart” type of person.

Anyway, I think I’ve basically gotten set up with how life is currently, so I’m going to go ahead and start working on the Friends challenge for June (which how in the hell is it already almost the middle of this cursed year) and I’m going to try and start posting about the little projects I’m doing around the house. Like tomorrow, I’m going to sand down a shitty dresser and prime it, maybe even paint the damn thing (or else that is just for later on in the week), and today, I planted marigolds in the front yard and put up a border around them with bricks! I even started to get this Sketchbox subscription, so I’m really looking forward to using my new art supplies (this month was watercolor, which yay!). Basically, this blog is now my Corona Journal, so … be prepared.

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