29 day challenge

It’s time for another challenge! Yayyy?

The last time I attempted the Friends challenge back in 2017, I didn’t complete it because a lot of shit was going on (switching jobs and a miscarriage, both of which were absolute blasts, by the way), so I really wanted to revisit and finish it. I don’t necessarily think I owe this to anyone or anything, but there’s something about being honest about the failings of an iconic work of art that just calls out to me.

And before I start ruining my challenge days for myself (I’ve literally started and then deleted so many paragraphs), I’m just going to show you what is in store for February. Enjoy:

  • Day 1: How I Was Introduced to Friends
  • Day 2: Favorite Main Character
  • Day 3: Least Favorite Main Character
  • Day 4: Favorite Recurring Character
  • Day 5: Least Favorite Recurring Character
  • Day 6: Favorite Guest Star
  • Day 7: Least Favorite Guest Star
  • Day 8: Favorite Season
  • Day 9: Least Favorite Season
  • Day 10: Favorite Season One Episode
  • Day 11: Favorite Season Two Episode
  • Day 12: Favorite Season Three Episode
  • Day 13: Favorite Season Four Episode
  • Day 14: Favorite Season Five Episode
  • Day 15: Favorite Season Six Episode
  • Day 16: Favorite Season Seven Episode
  • Day 17: Favorite Season Eight Episode
  • Day 18: Favorite Season Nine Episode
  • Day 19: Favorite Season Ten Episode
  • Day 20: Favorite Episode
  • Day 21: Least Favorite Episode
  • Day 22: Favorite Couple
  • Day 23: Least Favorite Couple
  • Day 24: Something That Happened I Wish Didn’t
  • Day 25: Something That Didn’t Happen I Wish Did
  • Day 26: Favorite Song of Phoebe’s
  • Day 27: Favorite Promo Pic
  • Day 28: What I’d Like to See Next
  • Day 28: How Friends Inspires Me

Art Credit: Friends Wiki

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