31 day challenge

Well, guess what … it’s time for another challenge! Like with my Buffy challenge, I’ve already done this on my old blog, but I wanted to revisit it … and give me an excuse to rewatch the entire series from the beginning. Again. What? I adore the shit out of this show, and honestly, I think I love it even more than I did previously. Also, Edward James Olmos is a national treasure and deserves to be in everything ever.

Anyway, I’m really excited to go back and reevaluate my opinions from three years ago. A lot has happened since then, and there’s something about this show that seems even more relevant than it did when it came out. So be prepared for a lot of political commentary, you guys. I’m warning you ahead of time so you can opt out if you’d like.

But here’s what I have in store for you!

  • Day 1: How Did I Discover Battlestar Galactica?
  • Day 2: Favorite Character
  • Day 3: Least Favorite Character
  • Day 4: Favorite Cylon
  • Day 5: Least Favorite Cylon
  • Day 6: Character I Loved That Everyone Else Hated
  • Day 7: Favorite Season
  • Day 8: Least Favorite Season
  • Day 9: Favorite Episode
  • Day 10: Least Favorite Episode
  • Day 11: Favorite Miniseries Scene
  • Day 12: Favorite Season One Episode
  • Day 13: Favorite Season Two Episode
  • Day 14: Favorite Razor/The Plan Scene
  • Day 15: Favorite Season Three Episode
  • Day 16: Favorite Season Four Episode
  • Day 17: Most Upsetting Death
  • Day 18: Favorite Dream/Prophecy Moment
  • Day 19: Most Surprising Moment
  • Day 20: Most Hated Scene
  • Day 21: Favorite Pairing
  • Day 22: Least Favorite Pairing
  • Day 23: Favorite Quote
  • Day 24: Best Promo Picture
  • Day 25: Favorite Ship
  • Day 26: Favorite Battle
  • Day 27: Favorite Music
  • Day 28: Something That Happened I Wish Didn’t
  • Day 29: Something That Didn’t Happen I Wish Did
  • Day 30: What Did I Think of the Ending?
  • Day 31: How Does Battlestar Galactica Inspire Me?

Art Credit: Wikipedia

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