In which I work nonstop …

This is a venting/bitching post, so feel free to scroll on by. Just FYI.

You know, I like money. I really do. I like being able to pay my bills and various pleasant things like food or the occasional new top or something. But fuck, I have been basically doing nothing but working for the past several months. I have to force myself to do anything other than sleep, and it’s getting old.

Take this week: I am working six days, and they’re on all sorts of different shifts. Sunday, I worked from midnight until 8:00am, and then I had to completely switch my sleep schedule to be at work the following day at 8:30am. Today, I worked day shift, tomorrow is a midshift, and then Friday and Saturday are the fun 3:30 to midnight shifts. They tried calling me in yesterday – my only day off – to work from 1:30 to 10:00pm, which LOLOL that was not going to happen. All that switching around? It’s exhausting.

I’m a creative person, and I need time and, more importantly, energy to work on my projects. I haven’t had much of an opportunity to do so, except when I force myself to write through my lethargy, and I can feel myself starting to fall into a funk. I also need to be an adult, which includes, oh, doing laundry, grocery shopping, cooking food, exercise, cleaning, etc. I am so incredibly embarrassed by the state of my room that I can’t even bear to post before pics on my Unfuck Your Habitat group of Facebook.

Is it so much to ask for some work-life balance? Like, I need some time to recharge, and that just isn’t happening. And July is looking just as bad. Sigh.

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