31 Day Challenge: Battlestar Galactica, Day 1: How I Was Introduced to Battlestar Galactica

I’d like to say that I’d seen the promos and ads everywhere on the SciFi channel, that I’d waited for the very first episode with a lingering excitement that kept me up at night. But honestly, I’d never even heard of the show – the original or the reimagining – until nearly the end of the first season, and the only reason I ended up watching it was because I caught a glimpse of Katee Sackhoff’s Starbuck fighting Tricia Helfer’s Six. And I think it was a rerun leading up to the second season? Either way, I was thoroughly confused but intrigued with what was going on, and I didn’t even see the full first season until BSG came to Netflix.

But by the time the second season came out, oh hell yes, I was hooked. I watched every single episode on the day it aired and geeked out more than I care to admit. I was completely obsessed with the show’s mythos, with the characters and their complicated and real relationships, with the music (Bear McCreary, you are a god among composers). It’s rare that any TV show captivates me and has me begging to tune in every week and chomping at the bit during the summer months, when all I had was the internet to peruse for possible spoilers and behind-the-scenes pictures and videos. I was just so hungry for more of the show, and I stayed that way throughout the remaining episodes.

So the idea of airing the previous season to get new viewers invested is a very smart move. Good job, SciFi (I still have a hard time calling it Syfy).

Art Credit: Wikipedia

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