28 Day The Adventure Zone Challenge, Supplemental: Fan Art

I know I already finished this challenge, but I just got to looking at all the amazing fan art that has come from the listeners of The Adventure Zone and knew that I had to do a supplemental on it. The McElroys encourage their fans to come up with their own canon appearances of their characters, and that, in turn, has created some of the most diverse, beautiful depictions that wouldn’t have shown up had they done otherwise. 

Here are some of my favorites, but I really do recommend just googling TAZ fan art. It’s good for the soul to see how much people love these characters, and damn, it’s some good art, anyway.

Jeffandrew/Griffin (in a purple hood and juggling DnD dice in the air) stands behind Merle, Magnus, and Taako, all of whom are holding their weapons
The Wonderland Twins pose back to back and holding hands
Merle, Taako, and Magnus (holding Steven the goldfish) pose for a selfie
Taako kisses Kravitz
With tears streaming down his face and holding a shaking Umbra Staff, Taako announces "TEN" to an offscreen Lucretia
Lup in her lich form stands with green-blue flames engulfing her hands
The Wonderland Twins pose behind Taako, Magnus, and Merle
Clockwise Magnus, Garyl, Taako, the purple worm, Merle, the chalice, and Roswell
Merle takes a selfie as Lucretia glares at him for sticking a kick me sticker on her back
With her eyes closed, June (Junebug) stands behind a clock face, holding the chalice with both hands

Art Credit: Maximum FunMel Maduro, jaystor, veitstanz, rynezion, mulchboy69420, birdloaves, defenestratindefenestratin, dumb dump, squid with elbows

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