28 Day The Adventure Zone Challenge, Supplemental: Favorite Quotes with No Context

Even though I ended my challenge a couple of days ago, I just can’t get enough of TAZ. So, this is a list that is literally just quotes that I frequently spout, apropos of nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true; I do understand context. Needless to say, most people don’t get that I’m actually quoting anything, and I am oddly okay with that.

“Fifty-eight minutes, Klaarg, try to stay focused.”

Taako (“Here There Be Gerblins” Chapter 2)

“Lucas Humanman.”

~ Taako (“Lunar Interlude II: Internal Affairs”)

“This is like saying there can’t be two bus drivers named Keith.”

~ Dracula (“Halloween Special”)

“I wasn’t having a conversation with my necklace. My necklace -“

“My necklace was having a conversation with me!”

Lucretia and Magnus (“Crystal Kingdom” Chapter 1)

“You’re on the line with Fantasy Justin. I understand you guys are playing some Dungeons and Dragons.”

Justin McElroy (“Crystal Kingdom” Chapter 3)

“Haley Joel Helen Hunt.”

Griffin as an NPC Salesperson (“Petals to the Metal” Chapter 4)

“Time-pon, the time traveling tampon!”

Griffin McElroy (“Lunar Interlude I: Carnival Chaos,” Episode 17)

“Cool. My name is Magnus Burnsides.”

“Marchus Burchins.”

“Yep, nailed it. Got it in one.”

Magnus and Cassidy (“The Eleventh Hour” Chapter 2)

“Hot diggity shit, that is a baller cookie.”

Lucretia (“Crystal Kingdom” Chapter 1)

“By the way, I rescued your orc friend and that big family of dogs!”

Upsy, Your Lifting Friend (“Crystal Kingdom” Chapter 11)

“You know, uh, between this fan and this fancy sunbrella, I’m one seventeen inch waist away from Scarlett O’Hara.”

Taako (“Lunar Interlude I: Carnival Chaos,” Episode 17)

“Rockport, the city of industry!”

Travis McElroy (“Murder on the Rockport Limited” Chapter 2)

“I have a beating heart! I’m multidimensional! I’m a fully realized creation! FUCK!”

Taako (“Petals to the Metal” Chapter 6)

“Just say ‘masturbating,’Dad!”

Travis McElroy (“Here There Be Gerblins” Chapter 1)

Art Credit: Maximum Fun

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