In which I lost Mushroom …

Don’t worry, I got him back, but I’m sure you can imagine what kind of mental state I was in for the two days he was missing. I still have no idea how he got out, but he has had to deal with me in Mama Bear mode since I found him underneath a neighbor’s house, seemingly content to have me call and reach out to him while he rubbed all over somebody else’s belongings. #cats I think he’s decided, though, is that Outside = No Food + Rainy, seeing as those are the only things he experienced. Oh, and that big dogs are scary.

What I love is how supportive literally everyone was. I didn’t get any “oh, it’s just a cat” or “seriously, there are bigger things to worry about” comments, thankfully – although one of my coworkers did inadvertently make me cry when he jokingly told me my hello wasn’t enthusiastic enough for him – and if they weren’t actively helping me look for him, they were sending as many good vibes as they possibly could. Even strangers on Facebook groups were trying to comfort me. And when I found him, the jubilance was palpable.

Honestly, humans have a great capability of being loving creatures. I just wish this was all the time. Sigh.

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