28 Day Challenge: The Adventure Zone, Day 17: Least Favorite NPC

Okay, so, unlike yesterday’s challenge, this one actually is hard because Griffin did such a good job of creating characters that you fall in love with. Even characters you don’t really like have a lot of redeeming qualities and backstories that, while they don’t necessarily excuse their behavior, definitely explain where they are coming from. For example, Lucas Miller is not incredibly likable: he’s antagonistic with Johann, the musician and keeper of the Voidfish, he betrays the boys later on in the “Crystal Kingdom” arc, he’s rather devoid of courage, etc. But his actions can be explained by his dedication to science and his love for his deceased mother.

You’d think I’d be saying that he’s my least favorite, but honestly, I found myself liking the little asshole, especially in the finale. Instead, I’m going with a character I kind of forgot existed? Like, I even had to google his name. Anyway, Luca is a skeleton (he gets better) the boys meet during “The Eleventh Hour,” and although he’s bombastically voiced by Griffin, he just isn’t as memorable as June or Paloma or Roswell or Cassidy or Ren. Even his brother Redmond is a better character than Luca. It makes me sad to speak about him negatively, because he wasn’t a shitty character or someone you love to hate. He was just kind of … there? To give out information?

“The Eleventh Hour” is still my favorite, but that doesn’t mean I can’t notice its failings. And Luca just doesn’t meet the standards Griffin had established with his NPCs.

Art Credit: Maximum Fun

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