28 Day Challenge: The Adventure Zone, Day 16: Favorite NPC

Augh, I almost missed posting this because of various reasons, mainly stemming from some personal stuff going on (more on that probably later on?), but never fear! Today’s challenge is here!

The world of The Adventure Zone is full of memorable, lovable NPCs (non-player characters, for those not in-the-know), all voiced by the indomitable Griffin McElroy, who I’m constantly concerned he’s going to need vocal cord surgery due to his reliance on gruff, gravelly voices. He even has a gruff-off with Clint, his father, and Travis, his older brother, that is overseen by his oldest brother, Justin, in character as Taako. But anyway, out of the plethora of NPCs to choose from, it’s quite possibly one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever had to make.

Angus McDonald was quickly a fan favorite, quickly introducing himself in “Murder on the Rockport Limited” with a sweet naivete that remains throughout the rest of the series. Of course, the Tres Horny Boys are incredibly mean to him, dismissing him as an annoyance and later on believing he might actually be the Big Bad of the arc. Luckily, Griffin brought him back as an advisor, and despite his treatment by the boys, he is adopted by the trio by the end of the series and ultimately becomes one of their most-trusted confidantes.

Probably one of my favorite moments (other than the one I described back on Day 6) is from Lunar Interlude V, where Taako reveals that he trusts Angus “implicitly,” despite previously saying that he trusts and believes “no one and nothing” after it’s revealed that, among other issues, Magnus was apparently a Red Robe. It’s a really beautiful moment that shows just how close the two had gotten.

Art Credit: Maximum Fun

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