28 Day Challenge: The Adventure Zone, Day 6: Favorite One-Shot Episode

One-shots are fucking hard. I have a difficult enough time as it is trying to keep my stories from becoming epics, and I don’t even have the backlog of continuity that the McElroys have to balance in the meantime. Not only that, but now that the Balance arc is completed, the suspense is definitely more taxing to maintain. I mean *spoiler alert*, you know that the boys survive at least long enough for Magnus to grow old and die and peaceful, natural death, so any fear the Tres Horny Boys might be destroyed is squarely at zero. That being said, though, some of my favorite episodes to listen to happen to be live ones.

But my absolute favorite? The Boston Live Stunt Spectacular, or the WWE episode.

It’s as ridiculous as it sounds: Jess the Beheader invites Magnus, Merle, and Taako to join her in a fight after her partner is murdered, and well, it’s what you can expect from something inspired by professional wrestling: ladders, wicked stunts, and smack talking. There’s even a theme for one of the NPCs, Jeff Angel, that’s based off of (well, it’s basically a total rip) of John Cena’s entrance music.

Honestly, the reason this ranks so highly up on my favorites list is for one moment alone:

It doesn’t seem like it’s that huge a moment, but knowing the history between Angus McDonald and the Boys continues to make me tear up each time. They’re just so freaking mean to him, bullying him at any chance they can, and hearing them cheer him on was so gd sweet.

Granted, there’s so much more about this episode that’s great (Klaarg returns, Magnus’ dedication to bear imagery, Taako’s spellcasting and general antics) that I can’t cover it all here, so all I can do at this juncture is demand that you go listen to the episode. It is 100% worth it, I promise you.

Runner Up: Live in Seattle (Draculaaaaa Halloween Episode)

Art Credit: Maximum Fun

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