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on rotation

Back in the day, I was obsessed with anime. Like … it was probably unhealthy, honestly. I even wanted to work in animation, a dream I gave up around the ripe old age of 19, which is curiously the same period I stopped watching the bulk of new anime that seemed to be coming over in droves from the Land of the Rising Sun. Prior to that, though, I spent a ridiculous amount of money on VHS tapes (that only had two, maybe three, if you were lucky, episodes on each) when I worked at Sam Goody/Suncoast, but I can at least thank that period of my life for introducing me to the wonderful, wacky world of Japanese music. Specifically, anime soundtracks.

To this day, I listen to a lot of the same ones I did years ago, and I could probably do a whole list of better known tracks, like the openings (like Neon Genesis Evangelion‘s), but instead, I’m going with some of my favorite deep cuts. Enjoy!

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