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As I promised last week – I guess I’m doing on rotation … on Wednesdays now? – I going with some hidden gems, or as I like to call them, deep cuts from the days of my youth. Some of these you may remember, while others may be just as obscure as they were then. But at least I know that I’m consistent in my eclectic music taste?


Buffy the Vampire Slayer was, without a doubt, my favorite television show growing up. I mean, I did a fucking blog challenge on it. When the soundtrack came out, you can bet your sweet ass I grabbed it as soon as I could, and Hepburn’s “I Quit” was on pretty heavy rotation in my younger self’s bedroom. The whole album was set on repeat, obviously, but I got angry with my parents a lot and would blast this at top volume to let them know.


The Riot Grrrl movement began when I was a bit too young (and surrounded by pretty conservative people), so I didn’t really delve into that genre of music very much. Honestly, even to this day, it’s pretty much just noise to me – I kinda hate punk for the most part – but Sleater-Kinney was one that I could get into. “All Hands on the Bad One” was the first song I ever heard by them, and it’s still a go-to song for me.


God, I love this album so much. It’s one of those you just kind of pop in and listen to the whole thing … I should do one of these posts on albums I listen to, from start to finish! Sorry, I got distracted. Anyway, “Come Out Clean” such a fun song – I have no idea what it’s about, but I don’t think that matters. Just bop around to the infectious happiness.


I’ve often found myself wondering whatever happened to Marril Bainbridge, because I remember loving this song in middle school. Kind of like Devinyls “I Touch Myself,” I wasn’t really sure exactly what I was singing along with, but it was bouncy and got weird looks from people, so I was happy with the outcome.


I have seen Weezer live … three times now? And they’re still probably one of my favorite bands to see in person. The first time I had the pleasure, I went with my then-boyfriend Kyle*, and their finale, “Only in Dreams,” was the absolute best performance of the night. It’s definitely not one of their better known songs, like “Undone – The Sweater Song” or the later “Hash Pipe,” but it holds a special place in my heart.


Okay, so technically this came out in 2001, and I was a junior in high school, but I don’t care. I didn’t really get into Weezer, the previous band on here, until high school, so pbththth. I’m apparently expanding my previous topic to include songs from middle and through high school. But anyway, the Beta Band was one of those groups I felt very pretentious about; I was one of the only people at my school who knew about them at the time, and when one of the more popular kids found out that I had their album, he immediately thought I was The Coolest. God, high school was terrible.


Coincidentally, Rasputina’s “Transylvanian Concubine” was also on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtrack that I purchased, but I was that weird middle school kid who had found them before the show did. When the song ended up playing on an episode (Season Two’s “Surprise”), I squealed with absolute glee; it’s like the show got me.


The Old 97s are still one of my happy place bands, and it all started with “Rollerskate Skinny.” I learned about them from a pen pal I had named Sandra Whaley … Sonya Whaley? I can’t remember, but she wrote about them to me and I was desperate to expand my musical horizons from Christian rock’s DC Talk and the oldies station that played on the car radio. She ended up not being that great of an influence in other areas, but musically, she was top notch.


Everybody remembers Beck’s “Loser,” as well they should. It’s a memorable piece of music history; but I think “Devil’s Haircut” is so much better. It’s just as nonsensical but a bit more accessible? I don’t know, I just preferred this song over “Loser.” Shut up.

* I have dated three Kyles, one of which I married and then subsequently divorced. The name does not have good connotations for me now, so sorry to any Kyles out there that I hate on principle.

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