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So since I’m doing this whole Friends challenge thing this month, I’m going to continue my previous trend of 90s music, but for today? Well, we’re gonna look at 90s country, which … well, it was a mixed bag, I will admit. Granted, we hadn’t gone full bro-country yet, which may be why I’m fond of this era, but it does have a tinge of good ol’ boy sexism. But that discussion is for another time. Today? Today, we salute country music from the 90s.


First off, rest in peace, Joe Diffie. Coronavirus is a bitch. Second, I was embarrassed for a long time that “John Deere Green” is probably one of my favorite songs – unironically – but now? I proudly sing this at the top of my newly-diagnosed-with-asthma lungs.


God, Faith Hill’s “Wild One” spoke to me when it came out – although I did think it was weird that the girl was into a guy named Bill, but whatever.


John Anderson, the whitest of white names, is honestly one of my faves, and “Straight Tequila Night” was the first song that I heard by him. I was, like, nine, so I didn’t necessarily know what it meant, but whatever. I still sang it around my very uncomfortable parents.


Lorrie Morgan was quintessential pop-country in the 90s, and “Except for Monday” is incredibly fun to sing along to. Plus, it’s accurate AF.


Kind of like Joe Diffie, Dwight Yoakam seemed to be named as if he was going to be a country singer, but damn if he isn’t just a cool guy. “Fast as You” is arguably my favorite song of his of the This Time album, but almost everything he does is amazing.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I know the guy that designed the dress that Reba wore just last year and, Logan, if you’re reading this, damn dude. You deserve that mad money. Anyway, “Fancy” is an iconic country song – and rightfully so. Reba is the GOAT.


Randy Travis’ music will forever remind me of my dad, and “Forever and Ever, Amen” is the one that will remind me the most. He absolutely loves this song and would play it ad nauseum until I’d just go outside because I was sick of hearing it.


Pam Tillis is woefully underrated, especially considering she’s the daughter of the equally-talented Mel Tillis. Anyway, she only scored one major hit, somehow, and it wasn’t for this song, again, somehow. She kills it in “Maybe It Was Memphis.”


Sawyer Brown was super popular back in the 90s and then just kind of disappeared, which is sad because they are incredibly fun. Just look at this video for “Thank God for You.” It’s goofy but they legit look like they’re having a blast together.

Alrighty, I’m gonna have to close up shop here because I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this: oh my GOD, this list is so white. I mean, it’s on-trend with Friends, sure, but I really need to find more country singers of color to listen to, other than, like, Darius Rucker. You know what? That is my goal now. I’m gonna go find some awesome not-white country artists and see if that doesn’t make me like country more. Wish me luck!

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