in which I go to the doctor …

Well, it’s official: I have asthma. It actually explains … a lot? I’ve always had a little bit of difficulty breathing when the weather changes (like if it goes from sunny to rainy or when the seasons transition), but I never really thought anything about it. I just thought that’s what everybody dealt with. Luckily, I don’t have asthma attacks – and I’m not allergic to common allergens (pollen, dust, cat/dog dander and hair, etc.), which I think plays into that – so all I need to worry about is being consistent with my maintenance inhaler. I even have little breathing exercises I get to do!

There are a few lifestyle changes I’m going to have to implement that will further assist in breathing, like changing my sheets much more regularly than I do, vacuuming daily instead of when I feel like it, and buying a humidifier. I mean, these are things I should probably already be doing, but now I have a reason to.

Don’t judge me.

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