lotr challenge, day 5: in which I have a least favorite main character …

Just FYI, I have about 4 million modules I have to complete by the end of today, and I have to write 1667 words for NaNo, so this is gonna be another quick post; but this was easier than I thought it would be because only one character came to mind super quickly.

No shade to Orlando Bloom here because he did an admiral job with what he was given. His personality was basically “I’m an elf who hates dwarves until I met Gimli and now we’re cool,” which is fine, I guess, but I just require more than that to connect to a character. He was also a big exposition character, explaining the strange world of Middle Earth, which again is fine, I guess? It just seems to be lazy writing. They have all of these characters with well-defined traits and quirks – Merry and Pippin are lovable goofs who are in the process of growing up, Gandalf is the wise and kind wizard who understands the importance of what they are aiming to do, Aragorn is the heir of Gondor’s last king who doesn’t really want the job, etc. Legolas is just kinda … there. Pretty to look at, but not much else.

Art Credit: Gabz

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