cowboy bebop 30 day challenge, day 21: in which something didn’t happen I wish did …

I really feel like the order in which characters were introduced in the show was off. Like obviously, Spike and Jet being the first two makes sense; after all, their ship is the Bebop. But having Ein – the delightful character that he is – follow in the very next episode just … I don’t know. I feel like an introduction to Faye would have been better first, even if we didn’t get that scene where he barks at her while she’s handcuffed to the ship.

My suggestion would be this: Spike/Jet, Faye, Ed, then Ein. Why? I don’t know. Well, I think it’s probably because that would have been Spike’s final straw: “Okay, we’ve let in a woman and a kid. But a dog, too???” All while Ed is holding Ein protectively.

I know this seems like a stretch, but I’m struggling today, what with school, my own needs, and this challenge. At least I’m caught up with Cowboy Bebop, though! Which actually reminds me, I need to go watch the first episode of the live-action series. I’ve been holding off, partially because I want to finish the challenge before delving into a different medium, but also because I’m hoping that it’s good. It’s good, right??

Art Credit: PennLive

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