cowboy bebop 30 day challenge, day 19: in which I have favorite fan art …

I’ve read a lot of reviews on the new live-action Cowboy Bebop, and trust, all I have to do this weekend is finish the communication paper for my mental health clinical. So guess what that means: YUP, ALL COWBOY BEBOP, ALL THE TIME. I have middlin’ expectations, so we’ll see how the show lives up to it.

But anyway, onto today’s challenge. There are so many pieces of artwork on the internet about any fandom, and Cowboy Bebop is no exception. I was luckily able to narrow it down to the ones below. Also, there are two down there that I don’t know the artist, so if you do or know how to find out that stuff beyond a reverse image search, I would greatly appreciate any help identifying them so I can give them credit and maybe send some people their way!

Art Credit: PennLive, Yarn Memes, (Can someone help me find the artists???), Nortiker, Redbubble, Talent House, (Can someone help me find the artist???), Pascual Productions

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