cowboy bebop 30 day challenge, day 11: in which I have a favorite main character backstory …

After Ed, Faye is my favorite of the Bebop crew, and it’s primarily because of her backstory. I won’t get too much into it, even though I’ve had no issue with spoilers before – I feel like Faye’s past needs to be experienced to fully appreciate it – but I’ll sum it up with this: girl has issues, and honestly? I don’t blame her.

Once you finally find out what happened to her, a lot snaps into focus: why she’s so detached yet psychologically/emotionally needy, why she dresses like she does but hates being ogled. I’m really hoping the live-action version of her will do the character justice because Faye deserves that, although it’s going to be really hard not hearing Wendee Lee’s voice.

To really understand Faye, go watch the following (not necessarily in this order): “Jupiter Jazz,” “My Funny Valentine,” “Hard Luck Woman,” and “Speak like a Child.”

Art Credit: PennLive, We Heart It

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