cowboy bebop 30 day challenge, day 5: in which I have a least favorite main character …

Picking my least favorite character on shows with large main casts – like Battlestar Galactica, for example – is a fairly easy task, but on shows like Bebop, it’s quite a bit more difficult, as there are only five main characters and I pretty much care about them almost equally. So I narrowed it down to two (Faye and Jet) and deciding that Jet is the one who just doesn’t do as much for me.

Sorry, buddy. You’re not Captain Cardboard, or anything. You are just the straight man!

And I think that’s the secret: he’s not very dynamic. Jet is just … Jet, always and forever. Not necessarily a bad thing, naturally, but it does make him less memorable and fun to watch, especially when compared to characters like Ed. Of course, he’s the glue that holds the whole ship and crew together, and honestly, he’s also the only person on board that I’d 100% do the bonk bonk with. So … there’s that, I guess?

I hate this. I feel like I should stand up for Jet, but I can’t! Oh, well, I need to get back to working on NaNo (I’m not doing that badly! It’s only Day 5, though, so don’t break out the celebratory streamers just yet). See everybody tomorrow!

Art Credit: PennLive

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