in which I say WELL HI …

Nursing school is my entire existence. I wake up thinking about normal levels of various vital signs and lab values, walk around doing clandestine health assessments on people I see at Target, ponder nursing diagnoses as I sit in traffic, go to sleep reciting nursing considerations of medications … you get the idea. But somehow, my first semester is almost over. I’m finishing out the first 16 weeks of nursing school with in-hospital clinicals, which is exciting and terrifying all at once. I have already seen an echo being performed on a patient’s heart, have done some bed baths, and started a care plan for a patient who was kinda pissy at 0730, which … I mean, it’s understandable. No hard feelings, sir.

Things are still overwhelming, and I imagine they will be until I get used to working as a nurse. What’s nice is that I have my own personal cheerleader in the form of my mom, a seasoned nurse practitioner who’s like, “Look, just learn as much as you can, understand the basics, study and be kind, and you’ll do fine.” Plus, it’s kinda fun to vent to her about nursing theory and probe her mind for real-life experience. I think she likes it, too.

I can’t say exactly how active I’m going to be over the next five months, seeing as I’m applying for a part-time job (I legit hate having absolutely no money) and as a new semester will bring new, exciting challenges (we’re doing mental health and med-surg clinicals, which yayyyyy! and that’s not sarcastic!) that I probably won’t even foresee until I get there. But over the next couple of days, I’m going to be working on a few on rotation… posts and finishing up my Star Wars challenge (I. KNOW.). I might even feel the urge to do some other things here, too, but … I guess I’ll just have to play it by ear.

I’m now seriously considering taking a short nap before jumping head first into finishing up my care plan? That’s probably not a good idea …

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