This semester is only halfway through, and I am beat.


I completed and passed my first class. Health assessment was extreme and frustrating and nerve-wrecking and just … so much. That being said, though, I learned way more in six weeks than I ever thought I could, and I know for sure that I would have failed – or dropped out of, honestly – nursing school if I had tried to do it back in my early 20s.

I have 14.5 more months to go, and damn, it’s going to fly by if the last month and a half is any indication. But for the next two weeks, I’m going to study patho and pharm, do some writing (catching up on the Star Wars challenge, for the most part) and artsy fartsy stuff, and chill. Because it’s about to get a wee bit more intense – I start actual clinicals in a hospital in five weeks.

Pray for me.


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