31 day star wars challenge, day 18: in which I have a favorite quote …

Yep, I both underestimated how busy I would be with nursing school and overestimated how much effort I’d be able to put into this challenge, so! I’ll be working on this as I go, with a couple of adjustments. Today is obviously not what was originally on my calendar, but oh, well. I’ll be updating that, too!

But anyway! Onto the revised edition of my Star Wars challenge, Day 19:

I’ve watched a lot of Star Wars, you guys, and there are a lot of memorable quotes that have just kind of become a part of our cultural lexicon:

May the Force be with you.

I have a bad feeling about this.

That’s not how any of this works!

But honestly? The best one? Comes from my Princess:

Animated gif of Princess Leia Organa running down a hallway in the Millennium Falcon, yelling "I am not a committee!"

Everything about this line, as well as the general banter between Leia and Han, is a big reason as to why Empire worked as well as it did. Kershner did such a good job with this movie, I swear.

Art Credit: ExpressoBeans, 99 Designs

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