31 day star wars challenge, day 17: in which I have favorite music from the sequels …

Okay, I will say this: John Williams’ score was the best thing about the prequels, at least consistently, and I say that as a major Carrie Fisher fan (I know, I know, she passed away suddenly, but like, they didn’t really do much with her in The Force Awakens, anyway). I can honestly say I think it’s probably some of his best work ever, which I think would have been a nice ending to a rather robust career as a film composer, but considering he’s still writing stuff, I have a feeling he might be around a bit longer than that. Williams had a decent chunk of scores under his belt before 1977, but damn, this man’s work nearly defined my childhood and I feel like he just doesn’t ever, like … stop? You can retire, John. Take a vacay.

But anyway, here’s some of my favorite pieces from the sequel trilogy, starting with the arguably most famous from this part of the saga:


I love how this just keeps building and building yet still manages to be simple. Kind of reminds me a bit of the Harry Potter theme? And now that’s all you will be able to hear. You’re welcome.


I know General Leia Organa being able to pull herself through space using the Force was a contentious scene, but I loved it. Her theme comes up around 3:03 – 3:04, but you should listen to the Force theme buildup before it. So great.


Rose Tico was done dirty, and Kelly Marie Tran is an absolute treasure. I also love her overly sweet theme almost as much as I do Leia’s. This one def has a bit of an Indiana Jones feel to it.

4 – “THE CAVE”

I mentioned this was my favorite scene from The Last Jedi, and the music just added to that. It didn’t have the same overly brooding music from Luke’s similar scene in The Empire Strikes Back – it sounds sad and wistful, almost resigned, and just so beautifully done.


Yes, I despise this movie, but this track is absolutely great: an emotional story being told with music, reaching this glorious apex of Rey’s theme mixed with the Force theme? I mean, come on, you’d have to be heartless not to feel something while listening to this.

Art Credit: 99 Designs

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