28 day xena: warrior princess challenge, day 8: in which I have a favorite subtext moment …

For those of you not in the know, Xena: Warrior Princess has … a bit of a reputation. That reputation was a big reason as to why my mom in particular didn’t want me watching the show: Gabrielle and Xena are a couple. The subtext, as it’s called, started out fairly subtle but became pretty much straight-up text by the time the series came to an end, and my favorite comes about midway through the show, so it’s a little more than just a hint but still not as overt as their passionate kiss in the series finale.

Even years later, this little bit in Season Three’s “Been There, Done That” makes me laugh out loud.

Xena is complaining about how the day keeps resetting and is trying to prove to Gabrielle and Joxer that she’s not crazy, saying that she doesn’t have any Bacchae bites on her neck. Joxer then asks, “Is that a hickey?” Gabrielle’s face, though, is the best part, even if Joxer is like, “Oh … right. Nevermind.”

Art Credit: Varese Sarabande, BechloeRegal

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