30 day mass effect challenge, day 10: in which I have a least favorite class …

Like … okay, I know there are people that like this class, and I get it. Pew pew explodey grenades and shit. And admittedly, ME3‘s multiplayer mode has excellent options (just play a few rounds with the batarian and get back to me). But come on, why would you choose soldier in the main game? You can be a goddamn vanguard, where you launch into battle and shotgun a banshee in the face. The soldier class is just so boring. It’s a good starter class, I guess – kind of like how you probably shouldn’t start out as a mage in Dragon Age until you figure out the mechanics of the game – but I dunno. I feel like you get the hang of the games pretty quickly, and having powers other than Shoot Real Good and Carry Lotsa Stuff are more beneficial than being able to wear heavy armor.

I also may be biased based on my normal method of playing, because soldier definitely gets me out of my comfort zone. So … whoever enjoys playing a soldier? Well, you can have it.

And here are my bottom three, starting with my least fave:

  1. Soldier – see above.
  2. Adept – Anytime I start out as this class, I almost always change to Vanguard or Sentinel in ME3, so it’s like my character took their imprisonment in between the second and third games as an opportunity to learn some new skills – don’t judge me. I had one playthrough where I was an adept the whole way through, and it was fine, I guess? But I found myself wishing I’d chosen differently.
  3. Sentinel – Now, this is technically tied with infiltrator, but I just went with the alphabet in terms of where to put it on the list. The sentinel has tech armor, which is one of my favorite powers ever. Seriously. I love watching as the tech armor detonates and knocks everybody to the ground.

Art Credit: eTeknix

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