30 day mass effect challenge, supplemental: in which I discuss relationships in mass effect …

This is more of a sidebar kind of thing, but here we go:

So romance. I’m a fan, especially in Mass Effect. Well, any Bioware title, honestly – they really know how to make a cast of characters click, and when you add a bit of sexytimes to it? Well, let’s just say that the writers know what they’re doing.

But what’s great about Mass Effect is that the characters don’t need to be Shep’s partner to be a major player in their life. You can still convince Miranda that she isn’t just her genes; Garrus becomes your partner in low-key crime (I mean, you guys go to a restricted area and basically shoot skeet, and that’s not innuendo); Jack opens up and is able to care for others, becoming a “good guy;” Ashley/Kaiden are just as ride-or-die as a friend as they are a lover; Thane respects Shep and is able to come to terms with his own impending death; etc.

And you still care. You want these people to be happy, to have their stories properly resolved, even if you don’t have your Shep jump into bed with them. I know there are other games/TV shows/movie series that have done this, but none of them really made me notice the concept as much.

Art Credit: eTeknix

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