30 day mass effect challenge, day 1

Unlike a lot of the media that I’ve done challenges on before, I can’t really pinpoint an exact time that Mass Effect came into my life. I kind of remember buying the second game without any information about it, either as a singular game or as a sequel, and after a few hours of play, I was hooked, even though I knew next to nothing about what was going on or why Shepard was hailed a hero by the galaxy.

After a year or so, I convinced myself to purchase the original Mass Effect, because I’d read that your choices would carry over into the next game, and damn, if I thought I was obsessed with the game before, you cannot imagine how bad I got once I saw the subtle changes: dialogue, characters I hadn’t seen before, etc. I can honestly say I have no idea how many times I have played the entire series from the beginning, but the sheer joy that comes from it has not diminished in the slightest.

And hell, I may go start another game tonight. Well, after I study. Because I’m a Responsible Adult. Also, I may like algebra? Don’t tell anyone.

Art Credit: eTeknix

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